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The spending of tax dollars must be reevaluated. Taxes are going up but the graduation rate is below most other school districts in Lycoming County.

2016 Cohort Graduation Rate

Williamsport Area
 Loyalsock  Jersey Shore
 85.97%  90.65%  84.31%  93.33%
 Hughesville Montgomery
South Williamsport
 93.22%  93.33%  89.68%  89.38%

Pennsylvania Dept. of Education

Fiscal management is the key to boost our students. By applying tax dollars where it matters most, we can make Williamsport a competitive district again.


Safety is a top priority for me. I want to ensure that all students and staff have a safe environment to learn and work in. A safe environment enhances the level of education provided to the students. Students should feel safe and protected while at school from bullying and criminal influences.

I will reevaluate our programs dealing with the education of our at-risk students to make sure we are doing the best we can to educate and steer them towards a path for success that works.

Extracurricular Activities and After School Programs

I will look at expanding our extracurricular activities and after-school programs to help captivate students' interest. Extracurricular activities and after school programs will decrease idle time for negative and destructive actions. We need our students to be in positive structured programs and activities that will have a beneficial impact on students' success in and out of the classroom. 

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